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About dr mark


Founder & CEO of Human Potential Consulting 

Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS, BSc (HONS), FRSPH is an Imperial College trained medical doctor and internationally renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine and human potential development. His books include The Mind-Body Bible – Your Personalised Prescription for Total Health, Holistic Health Secrets for Women and True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health.

Mark is deeply knowledgeable on the subjects of disease prevention, detection and reversal, health optimization, functional diagnostic testing, nutritional supplementation, optimal mental health and human potential development.


Mark was founding co-director of the British College of Integrated Medicine, offering Europe’s first university accredited training program for doctors and nurses in integrated medicine and also past Chairman of the British Society of Integrated Medicine, the professional membership organization for integrated medicine doctors.


In addition to supporting the health and inner development of his clients over a 25 year period, Mark has created and taught many innovative health and human potential development programs. These include Human Potential Coach training (850 graduates), Psychological Fitness Specialist training (200 graduates), and The Inner Game component of the Google Cloud Way of Sales Coaching program. The latter won two Gold Medals (Best Unique or Innovative Leadership program and Best Advance in Coaching & Mentoring) at the 2021 Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards. Other programs include Be Unlimited, his 5-week personal development course (3500 participants) and the Optimal Health 60-day Challenge for 250 members of EO, Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Mark is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, Fellow of the Association for Coaching, Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, GMC Registered Medical Doctor, and Association for Coaching Accredited Master Coach.


His professional work is now focused on teaching, coaching and consulting to integrative healthcare companies.

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